Friday, September 08, 2006

who spends 2 nonstop hours on a single course?

My challege: convince the "higher-ups" that a module that takes 2 hours to go through is a REALLY bad idea. Especially when you deal with sales people who really don't want to spend 10 minutes on training. Also, why are we forcing them go through information they may not care about? Do we want these people to actually learn something, or do the SVPs just want to flex their muscle and feel satisfied that they forced people to look at their work?

Now, our SVPs are NOT bad people. In fact, quite the opposite. But, there comes a point when you're a manager that a touch of the "power trip" kicks in. You've got a bunch of things you want to tell people... and you're going to force them to hear it. Of course, once you're done, they forget everything and move on.... but at least you have the satisfaction that your thoughts are out there. It's NOT a good teaching method though.

So, how does a "schmoe" like me convey that idea to bosses?

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Tony Karrer said...

You can only wear down the SVPs over time. But in the short-run you can often provide something that bridges the goals. Give the totality of the content but make sure that you don't force feed too much of it. Have the most important 15 minutes up-front and the rest they can skim or skip.

Actually, how do they know they went through it anyhow?

And I'm surprised that your SVPs think that a sales audience is going to sit through 2 hours at a shot? Or are they getting rid of a sales meeting where they had butts in seats?

BTW - thanks again for the AM/FM, CD, iPod adapter analogy. It's come in handy already.