Thursday, November 02, 2006

Challenge O' the day/week/months/year: More Posting

We recently got finished with our big, corporate-wide training course.  Unfortunately, the division we were creating it for had this artificial deadline and they wouldn't budge on it (even though, most of our holdups were because they missed their deadlines).  So we sent it out with NO testing or bug-checking outside of our own,  which is a huge mistake because we've got decent computers with all the right software -- most people in the "real" world aren't so fortunate.  Needless to say, we've been inundated with support/complaint calls since it went live.
Another problem, as I've posted about before, is the idea that we're forcing people to click through long and large file-sized sections... and not everyone in the company is on a blazing T-3 connection like we are.  I really hope people will learn from this... but I'm skeptical.
On a good note, I was able to implement some Flash technologies that I never used before.  Specifically, connecting to Web Services and using XML to create a randomized quiz.  I have had a few problems with the Web Service, but that's because our little web server got really overloaded with the initial onslaught of participants, and would create errors.  Nothing big, mind you, but there are a few people whose progress wasn't totally tracked.
My next desire is to learn about Flex and ActionScript 3.  Sometimes I feel like I'm just catching up to technology that was new 5 years ago... but I've just never had the time to spend with learning all the new stuff.  I got very good at Flash 5, but have grown very slowly since then.  Now that it looks like we'll have some downtime, I want to start with the absolute LATEST technology, and be on the cutting edge.  Knowing how the real world works though, I imagine we'll have another urgent project sprung on us, and my plans will be put on hold again.   I'll be starting to learn about AS3 in 2010.