Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Crazy day

I was really hoping to update this page more often... but as it happens, the moment I started, we got a huge project.  The project could actually be great fodder for MANY posts.  Here's the situation:
One of our departments is rolling out a LOT of new products, and they need to the sales folk to be trained on those products.  So the solution is - create a 60 minute long "module" that goes over every product in depth.  Not only that... they have to go through the entire module at one sitting, or else they have to start over again.
One of the most recent "disagreements"  I've had with the boss is the inclusion of a bunch of Flash videos that demonstrate the products.  Some of the videos are a few minutes in length, and most of the information is actually covered by prior frames... so I had the "next" button pop up when the video starts. The boss said they only wanted the buttons to come on after the ENTIRE demo is done.  I've timed out the whole module, and if they don't even read any of the text and just click "next" all the way through -- it'll take about 40 minutes.  Now imagine if you're actually reading some of the text.  I'm thinking this could take an hour-and-a-half out of these poor sales people's lives.
This is one of those projects that I believe would be PERFECT for a wiki-style interaction.  Sure, cover the big points in a 10 minutes Flash movie... but put the depth on pages where they can choose to go.  If people just don't have any interest in selling a particular product, why force them to learn everything about it?

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